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Enjoy the Maximum Security with Panda Mobile Security

Enjoy the Maximum Security with Panda Mobile Security

Do you want to secure your stuff in android device? Searching for any best mobile security software? Stop worrying. The famous Cloud Security Company known as Panda Security released the best app named as Panda Mobile Security for protecting Android devices. Panda Mobile Security protects your Android device that included cell phone, tablet and Smart TV against all sorts of malware, hackers and other threats affecting your device. This anti-virus also offers the best performance optimization and it is also featured with the best part of tracking the location of your device or lock remotely.


What does Panda Mobile Security do?

Panda Mobile Security is the reliable and an effective anti-virus, that offers good protection at its best. This anti-virus offers quick and a full scanner and real time monitoring as well. What makes the Panda Mobile Security best is that it does both manual scanning and the real time app, identifying threats that attempts to access your device and removing them with out causing any damage to the performance of the computer. Overall, the Panda Security and the Anti-virus keep you secure, which you can get it for seven days of trial. If you want to use it more than seven days you have to buy the full version and it definitely worth your money.

Features of Panda Mobile Security

Panda Mobile Security is featured with various functionalities that definitely helps out to secure your Android devices from malware, and other threats trying to access your device to affect them.

The anti-virus is built and designed in order to protect the devices as it scans each and every application you install in to your device as well as their updates accordingly to avoid any sort of risks and protect your device with out affecting the performance.

In addition, it is also featured with the Privacy Audit that do scanning and displays the privileges of each app installed on your device, which enable you to have a control over it, what each app can do and what each cannot do and which confidential information it can access with app-lock feature.

The special thing in this anti-virus is that is scans the resource use of apps installed on your Android device in real time to optimize speed, performance and memory use of the device.

This also sports Anti-theft and phone locating, which is the star attraction of this app as you can recover your lost device with Panda Mobile Securtiy’s Geolocation System. This system searches for the stolen devices and let you know on a map so you can find it quickly. This system also enable you to delete all of your personal data on your lost device remotely to prevent accessing from others.

The most important feature is that if someone steals your android device, you can get a photo of the thief after three failed attempts to unlock the device. The photo of the their will be sent to you via email along with the device location.


How to get start with Panda Mobile Security?

You can start enjoying the maximum security of your Android device with Panda Mobile Security easier. Read out the following lines to know in detail for your reference.

Step 1: The first and the foremost thing you must do is download the Panda Mobile Security from Play Store and install it on your Android device.

Step 2: Once you completed installing, open the installed antivirus and make a click on Have a Code? Option. Enter your Activation Code, which is available on the Panda Security welcome email of your inbox or in the the product box and click activate.

Step 3: Using the installation wizard of Panda Mobile Security, create your Panda Account. This account enable you to manage all your services, locate your device, block and delete your personal date if the device is lost in order to prevent unauthorized access. The main reason for creating this Panda Account is that to access Technical Support and contact the Panda Security experts. Now, enter the email address of your choice to your Panda Account and click Login. An email will be sent to your inbox to validate the account. Locate the Panda Account activation email in your inbox and click Activate your account. Now you are done!


How can you Change your Panda Account Details?

Changing the password for your Panda Account is easy as you can do it by following the steps mentioned below. There are two ways to change your password.

Option 1: Forgot Password

Step 1: If you forgot your password, Go to and access your Panda Account. Click the Forgot your Password option available on the window.

Step 2: Enter your email address and click Send Instruction.You will be notified that an email has been sent to your address.

Step 3: Open the email you have received and click Change Password. This will let you to change your password by displaying you the page to set your password of your choice for your Panda Account. Now, you are done 🙂

Option 2: Create New Account

Step 1: If you want to create a new account, Click the User name link at the top right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Select Change your password. You can also edit the rest of the Panda Account details from here. After you do so, don´t forget to click Update.

Download and Make use of it!