4 Important Things to Remember Once Your Blog Is Up

As a new blogger, few things can compare to the feeling you have when you log in to publish your first, second or third post. It feels like you’re on top of the world. Like you’re in control and there’s no stopping you.

It feels like you just jumped the highest hurdle.

However, as you’ll soon realise, setting up the blog itself is hardly a hurdle – compared to the steps that follow.

You need to have a clear strategy that you’re going to have to stick to. You need to keep up with the blogosphere in your industry and beyond to know what’s working. And. A lot. More.

Between all this, 24 hours will be barely enough to find time to eat. As such, it can be incredibly easy to forget certain vital tasks and routines which, if not observed, could lead to the death of the same blog that you’re trying to keep alive.

This note….can I call it a note? Because it’s a list that you should keep on every surface you work on, including the back of your head. I was saying, this note should help you to maintain a strategic and healthy career.

And talking of health, let’s see the first most important thing you should remember:

  1. Your Health is Paramount

Once you realise how much you still have to do to make the first cent attributed to your blog, you might end up working too much.

But while this is admirable, it could be harmful to your health.

For instance, did you know that sitting for long durations could lead to an early death?

Okay, I didn’t mean to scare you. But studies show that staying seated for long periods of time can lead to heart attack, early death and a whole lot of other deadly diseases.

What’s even worse is – while you think it’d work – working out every day after work doesn’t help much.

So, what can you do?

You have to practise regular muscle movement. Stretch to boost your blood flow and take regular breaks to help relax your muscles. You should also learn to work standing up.

Remember, your blog isn’t worth much if you’re in bad condition.

  1. You’re Not an Island

Don’t forget that the amount of success you end up seeing from your blogging will hinge heavily on the type and number of alliances that you form during your career.

Most new bloggers have this notion that they are in competition with everybody even remotely related to their industry. As a result, they end up isolated and trying to make it “on their own.”

But you need others in your industry more than you might think. You need them to promote your content, to endorse your product and, probably most importantly, to learn.

Thus, you have to constantly reach out to relevant bloggers. This doesn’t mean spamming them with requests to guest post or “look at your new blog post and tell you what they think”. It means approaching the process with the mentality that you want to form genuine friendships that can be leveraged in future for mutual benefit.

And social media makes this incredibly easy.

  1. Your Personal Brand is More Important than Ever

Even more that a great site is the person behind it. This means that, in addition to making your blog a great and authoritative resource, you have to focus more on the person you are without the blog.

Now, this is one of those topics which generate varied opinions. Some people think that emphasizing on personal branding is a form of selling out. However, that task is entirely up to you. Do you want to be known as the blogger who is always up to her own gain or the one that’s honest and can be trusted to give actionable advice even when it doesn’t necessarily benefit her?

The choice is yours.

If you make the right choice, start your personal branding journey on Google+.

  1. It’s Okay to Outsource

As you might notice, bloggers are some of the busiest people on the planet. But as Josh Steimle puts it, “busy does not mean productive.”

You have to constantly strive for productivity.

One of the best ways to do this is by outsourcing.

According to TechTarget, “outsourcing is a practice in which an individual or company performs tasks, provides services or manufactures products for another company – functions that could have been or is usually done in-house. Outsourcing is typically used by companies to save costs.”

I know how this sounds: Like you have to be in business for over two decades and listed. However, outsourcing could be as easy as getting someone to do your laundry or bring you lunch so you can focus more on that blog post you’re writing.

But outsourcing could also be about getting someone to write that blog post for you so you concentrate on other aspects of your blog that you would not be willing to hand to an outsider.

So, how important is outsourcing?

The first benefit you get is more time on your hands. You outsource repetitive or menial tasks and focus more on those that require a lot of your attention more urgently.

Secondly, you get to have your work done by someone who really knows how to do it. Not that you don’t know how to code, for instance, but someone else has made a whole career out of that subject. They probably can kick your ass at it. So, let them do it for you.

Thirdly, you give a job to someone that really needs it. How’s that for social good, huh?

It might not be easy to trust someone with any tasks related to your blog. You feel like it should be you or everything goes to shambles. However, if you loosen up a bit and embrace outsourcing, you’ll find that it can be of great benefit to you.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to feel like you have everything covered. It’s even easier to feel like you have so much to do that you don’t have time for anything or anyone else apart from your blog. However, you’ll be surprised how important certain simple routines – like stretching immediately you get out of bed or hanging out with your friends – are. Your world doesn’t begin and end with your new blog. But you should make the most out of it. And maintaining this balance is easier than it seems.

Do you have a blog? What tasks have you found yourself forgetting to do because you’re “too busy”? How do you maintain the balance of doing everything on your blog and finding time outside it?