5 Mobile Phone Spy Software Hacks That Will Change Your Cell Phone Monitoring Experience

There really isn’t any room for compromise, when it comes to keeping kids safe from the myriad threats that cell phones with internet connectivity exposes them to. Using a spy app for the purpose of watching over them may be the right approach, but if you’ve blindly picked an app and entrusted it with the duty of shielding your child from online dangers, then you clearly have it all wrong. To ensure that your monitoring experience is fruitful, you should not settle for an app that is missing these five essential hacks.



Record Web History

This is hands down the most important feature in any monitoring app. By empowering you to see what websites your kids have been visiting online, it gives you a clear idea about whether they are using their technology privileges responsibly or if they’re abusing them.

Display Contact Details

This feature lets you view their contact list, keeping you aware of whom they’re keeping in touch with. If you see a number you don’t recognize or a name that shouldn’t be in their contact list, you can ask them for an explanation and get the number or name removed.

Email and Text Message Logging

Did you know that it’s pretty common among kids to exchange inappropriate emails and text messages? Fortunately, a decent spy app lets you put an end to this, or at least discourage such behavior, by allowing you to view the content of their emails and messages instead of leaving you in the dark. If you see something that you deem inappropriate or even dangerous, you can confront your child without having to worry about the daunting task of making them admit that they were at fault as you will have the evidence with you.

Videos and Pictures Logging

The importance of keeping an eye on the images and videos on your child’s cell phone cannot be emphasized enough. There could be all sorts of pictures and videos, included sexual and violent ones, on their device, slyly hidden in such a way that you don’t stumble upon them while casually rummaging through the image gallery and video folder. Spy apps extend your vision beyond its normal limit, thus letting you discover these files no matter how deeply they may be hidden.

Real-Time and Historical Location Tracking

You can keep track of your child’s location in real-time, as well as get a fairly good idea about the places they’ve been to through the location tracking feature in contemporary spy apps. To offer you a peace of mind, these apps use GPS technology, as well as Wi-Fi and other channels, to pinpoint the exact location of the child. If they ever run into trouble like getting lost or even kidnapped, you’ll have no problem tracing them.

The aforementioned features, or call them hacks if you want to, promise an effective and efficient cell phone monitoring experience.