6 Things That Will Affect the eCommerce Site You Might Not Consider

6 Things That Will Affect the eCommerce Site You Might Not Consider


Setting up an eCommerce site has potential to be a lucrative business opportunity if done correctly. While many understand the need for mobile integration, social marketing and advertising campaigns, there are several aspects of the online store not everyone puts into consideration. These are things that can directly affect the success of the eCommerce site, which will play into how much money it will make.


Nearly half of shoppers on the Internet will decide whether or not to buy from an eCommerce site based on the appearance alone. This means you need an attractive design that can impress the target audience. A professional appearance inspires confidence and trust within consumers. While you may have some success with a default template, a customized site has potential to engage more shoppers willing to spend money.

Customer Service

Almost 90 percent of shoppers will stop buying from an online store if the customer service is substandard. In many instances, people are willing to spend more at an eCommerce site if the service is superior. Whether you invest in call-center services or handle the interaction yourself, customer service needs to be a high priority.

Interactive Support

More than 80 percent of consumers admit to needing support during the online shopping experience. In many cases, this support comes in the form of integrated chat systems and direct phone calls. Many consumers feel more comfortable buying from a company that is easy to contact. They need to know that problems can be addressed in a timely fashion and that help is readily available.

Customer Retention

After someone buys from your online store, it may be a good idea to send follow-up emails or promotional materials. It’s seven times more expensive to market for new customers than it is to put effort into maintaining ones that have already made purchases from you. Statistically, repeat customers spend more than twice what new customers spend. This can also lead to word-of-mouth advertising from those who feel safe doing business with your company.

Negative Feedback

Too many business owners don’t do much to address negative feedback. Most people will come back to your online store if you address comments directly. Take negative feedback as a way to improve future services and resolve issues as quickly as possible. The more people who see a negative review, the less likely they will shop at your eCommerce site.

Charity Support

Half of millennial parents put more effort into buying products from companies that support charitable causes. Not only does donating to a cause help drive traffic from those individuals, but it can also be used as a tax credit at the end of the year. You can potentially make more money in the long run while being recognized as an organization that cares.

When it comes to retaining customers and enhancing the consumer experience, your online shopping cart software will play a prominent role in success. However, investing in services and aspects that can improve customer interaction may be useful as well. Closely examine all the possibilities when setting up your eCommerce site and give yourself a chance to make it a lucrative experience.