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Accepting Updated Terms of Service Will Be Optional for WhatsApp Users

According to reports, WhatsApp will make its terms of service optional for users. Back in January, the Facebook-owned instant messaging service revised its privacy policy and terms of service to better connect with Facebook’s other products and services. It received a strong reaction from its user base, with many flocking to Signal and Telegram. Now, it appears that the instant messaging service will make subscribing to the news conditions optional without limiting most users’ account access.

According to WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo, in a future version, WhatsApp will make accepting its new terms of service optional. This implies that consumers will no longer be forced to accept the conditions out of fear of having their account restricted, as was previously the case. According to the article, only people who wish to message business accounts that use cloud providers would be required to study and approve the conditions.

The new terms and service pop-up appears when texting particular corporate accounts, according to an image supplied by WABetaInfo. According to the pop-up, “WhatsApp just revised its terms and privacy policy.” To manage conversations, the organisation use a secure service provided by Facebook.

Review and approve the WhatsApp update to speak with business. ” You have two choices: ‘Not now’ or ‘Review.’

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp plans to disclose this change very soon and will release an upgrade to the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS.

It was recently claimed that WhatsApp is developing message responses similar to those found on iMessage, Instagram, and Twitter. According to reports, the messaging service is testing message reactions internally, so even beta testers did not have access to it.

Furthermore, it was claimed that WhatsApp for Android would be upgraded with a new colour scheme that is brighter than the current one. WhatsApp beta version for Android included the new colour.

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