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According to Apple’s FCC filing, the iPhone 12 series will have a hidden reverse wireless charging feature for upcoming AirPods.

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series was unveiled earlier this month, with a range of new features and updated specs. However, such is the essence of Apple launch activities that we are already learning new stuff about the new Apple iPhones two weeks later.

The most recent information comes from an FCC filing found by VentureBeat, which reports that the 2020 iPhones endorse a secret feature called reverse wireless charging, which will be enabled for at least one potential Apple accessory, rumoured to be the next AirPods Pro.

According to the FCC filing, the iPhone series supports a WPT charging capability at 360 kHz that can charge accessories in addition to being able to be charged by a laptop WPT adapter. However, Apple has yet to release any approved accessories that will take advantage of this capability, with the only attachment that will currently be powered by the iPhone 12 being a future Apple accessory.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hypothesised in a tweet that this might also be a reference to Apple’s upcoming AirPods with MagSafe help. This feature will allow the AirPods case to magnetically connect to the back of iPhone 12 models and charge them, enabling users to charge their AirPods on the back of their handset. However, as previously said, in order for the feature to fit with the iPhone, the current AirPods case must help MagSafe.

There is currently no detail on the latest AirPods, but the company may launch them in the near future. The new AirPods would fit directly with the iPhone 12’s new MagSafe system. This would be highly rare, and it would also explain why Apple has yet to discuss reverse wireless charging. As previously said, little information about the system is currently accessible, with more information expected to become available in the near future. As normal, India Today will be one of the first to report on the news, so keep an eye on this space for updates.

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