CamMe – “The control is in your HAND”

CamMe – “The control is in your HAND”

CamMe, selfie app won the “2014 Most Innovative App” award at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

The iOS app does not make people look beautiful but surprisingly uses gesture controls to help users take selfies — without even touching their device. So when you have your hand far, you will be still able to take a selfie by gesturing with another hand. When the phone is placed within 16 feet away, raise your hand and close your hand (both right and left hand can be used) to activate the shutter key. To explain in detail the screen will show a gesture asking you to raise your hand and once it is recognized, intimation will be given to you to close your hand in the mobile screen.


Do you know what? You won’t get your hands in pic at any angle. Once after the gesture is activated you will get 3 seconds with a beep sound accompanied for every single second, So that you can put your hand back in a position wherever you want it .After 3 sec the camera shutter will be triggered automatically and the pics will be saved to your camera roll. This is also an add-on feature that made the app to get an award. This app will only capture the pic, but doesn’t have any image filter or extra effects to be added.

The app is a product of Israel based PointGrab, a company well specialized in gesture recognition software for electronic devices such as personal computers, televisions and mobile devices. PointGrab developed this app based on gesture Software Development Kit (SDK).They used machine learning algorithm for hand gesture recognition and standard camera motion tracking is used to detect the hand motion with a timer.
You can also have other people in the pic that is great for group selfies. And no need to rely on anyone for taking pics. Features included were camera app for self-portraits, latest image preview and gallery shortcut, hands free shots, recognizing hand shape for free self-pic, timer (3 sec) and smile before taking a picture.


This app has two more additional features other than selfie such as photo booth used to take series (sequence) of photos and goofy photo cutout or Fun shots, this will insert your face into funny pics. That is once after taking the pic you can change the pic size required to fit inside the fun shot image. Only some of the models have been added in the free version of CamMe and others were available for sale. This app supports taking photo with both front camera and rear end cameras. Pics taken through this can be shared using social networks like facebook, tumblr, photo instagram and twitter. The main advantage of the app is innovative technology, excellent selfie, group pics and ease of use. A simply attractive user interface has been incorporated, Gallery access with new photo editing functionalities were also included.

CamMe is included in “Top 10 ways to capture the world” list. Approximately in a single minute 600 people were using the app and also about 400 photos were taken.