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Completely Free, Secure and Reliable Gaming from Where you'd Least Expect It

Completely Free, Secure and Reliable Gaming from Where you’d Least Expect It

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I’m being overwhelmed by the loads of ads to various social games. The only ones relevant for me are those pointing to DoubleDown, Big Fish and Zynga games – these are among the increasingly large number of operators who offer the games I like: slot machines and blackjack. I’ve tried them all, but I must say that their game variety is quite weak, and their constant nagging about how I should buy coins and see ads is driving me crazy. Luckily, I found an alternative – a reliable, secure and completely free platform that has all my favorite games: the Euro Palace online casino.

Euro Palace is a real money gaming platform operating under a license issued by the Malta Gaming authority. This is an institution that licenses real money gaming operations, and requires them not just to be fair, but to be completely secure when it comes to money transfers and personal information. Is also requires companies to undergo mandatory audits by third parties, which makes Euro Palace possibly one of the most secure gaming platforms online.

The “completely free” part might need some explaining. How come a real money gaming operation gives its visitors access to its services free of charge? Well, Euro Palace players don’t pay for playing the games, instead they put their money on the line hoping to win. The operator does not charge them for playing. Instead, it gives them the possibility to risk their money while playing its games. But they also have the chance to test drive the platform and the game collection free of charge, with unlimited credits – all they need to do is register an Euro Palace account and choose “practice mode” when prompted.

And let’s take a look at the “reliable” part as well. The business and reputation of Euro Palace relies on it being secure, but also on it being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to any player in any corner of the planet. And not just through a browser – it has to be capable to service desktop and mobile users as well – as Euro Palace has a fully fledged mobile platform, offering access to a huge number of games to its players.

As you can see, my choice for an online gaming platform is superior in all ways to any social game I could choose. It has a superior game variety, a much better price (even if I don’t pay for playing at DoubleDown, its ads will cost me time) and the reliability of a premium service, and all this without costing me a dime.