CT Scan Technology And Its Uses

A common whole body scanner is computed tomography, CT; this is CT scan that is quite close. The CT scan uses the X-ray technology that takes more views of an inside of a body. This is noted compared to the regular X- Ray; the CT imaging can provide you the best picture of organs, bones, blood vessels, soft tissue and the other parts of a body.


Major Uses For The CT Scan:

  • Looking for the bleeding inside a body.
  • It is used to diagnosing the blood vessel diseases.
  • It is used to determining a size and the location of the tumor.
  • It is used to studying about a chest and the abdomen.
  • It is used to diagnosing as well as treating the skeletal problems.
  • It is used for the planning surgery.
  • It is used to planning the radiation treatments for the cancer.
  • It is used to identifying the injuries from the trauma.
  • It is also used to guiding the biopsies and the other tests.

The CT Scanning Technology is an abbreviated terminology for the computed tomography scanning that is the path of breaking improvement in a medical field. During the CT scanning, the minimum amount of the radioactive material used to project the CT images for showing the healthy and the diseased tissue and also bring out differences. The CT scanning used to detect the numerous diseases, once that originate in a brain and the forms of the cancer. The brains CT scan have done to diagnose the diseases like brain tumor, Alzheimer and the seizure disorder. Through the CT images, the doctors can detect the cancers and also ensuing the treatment procedure. The CT scan facilities are available in every best neurological center and the cancer research centers.

A CT imaging process uses the specialized X- Ray equipment as well as uses the contrast material to generate the more images of an interior of a body in some of the cases. The CT scan provides the images with the extremely accurate information about a human anatomy as well as immediately diagnoses the malady. A CT image that is generated reproduced as the images and studied by the radiologist on the computer screen helps to figure out a disease within the human body.

Ellen Thomas at Wesleyan University.

The CT scan combined with the other Technology known as the Positron Emission Tomography. This technology provides the precise images that may identify an area of the illness in a body. A combination of the CT and the PET scans resulted in the best diagnoses of the abnormal metabolic activities in the patient.

CT Scan Performed Various Organs:

  • Head
  • Abdominal and pelvic
  • Cardiac
  • Lungs
  • Extremities
  • Pulmonary Angiogram

These are the various organs which is performed by the CT scan technology.

CT scan Service Include

  • High resolution of three dimensional CT scanning.
  • In – house custom machine stop
  • Three dimensional rendered volume images and the two dimensional slice.

The moderate into high of the diagnostics through the radiations is the CT scan. This produces the top quality and also clear images of the internal parts of a body.