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For their well-being, LinkedIn workers are given a week-long ‘RestUp’ break.

LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, is giving almost all of its 15,900 full-time staff next week off to prevent burnout and encourage employees to recharge, according to AFP.

The “RestUp!” week, which starts Monday, is intended to allow staff time to reflect on their own well-being, according to the Microsoft-owned corporation.

In response to an AFP question, LinkedIn said, “There is something beautiful about the whole organisation taking a break at the same time.”

“What’s even better? Returning to an avalanche of unanswered internal emails is not an option.”

According to LinkedIn, during the week, staff who may feel lonely will have the choice of participating in everyday events such as volunteering for worthwhile causes by “random acts of kindness.”

“A core team of staff will have to work for the rest of the week,” LinkedIn added, “but they will be free to take days off afterward.”

To further delay the spread of the coronavirus, major technology firms were among the first in the US to embrace working from home last year, though others have yet to completely reopen their offices. Twitter has made it possible to operate from everywhere in the world forever.

LinkedIn workers are not expected to return to work until September, and the company wants to make it common practice to allow them to work from home up to half of the time.

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