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Foto Swipe - Instant Photo Sharing with the Swipe of a Finger

Foto Swipe – Instant Photo Sharing with the Swipe of a Finger

There are plenty of ways to transfer you photos from one mobile to another device through Wi-Fi, bluetooth or if a large file you can transfer it through USB cable. But, if you have ever thought of transferring your photos from your phone to other device in a swipe? Now, you can instantly share your photos across multiple smart devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad, tabs and much more simply and more quickly with a swipe of your finger. The Foto Swipe let you to do it in a flash with the people near by you. The most interesting thing in this app is that it is completely free of cost.


How to use Foto Swipe?

The use of Foto Swipe is the easiest way as it can be done with in few steps as follows. Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and once you are done lanch the app on your device. Remember that the Foto Swipe app works on both Android and Apple platforms . Once your installed the app into your device, select up to ten photos, and hold it for a second and swipe them towards an intended device.

The advantages of using Foto Swipe is that you can share as much photos as you would like to share to another device and also the app keep you contact information more confidential. This app send all the selected photos in a high quality resolution so that you can receive the photos with best picture quality. And the pride of this app is that you send photos to the recipients of your choice completely up to five times faster than other photo sharing methods.

Overall, it is an interesting app that definitely captures the attention of the users. Try it out!