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Fujifilm – Redesigning Polaroid’s for selfies

Fujifilm – Redesigning Polaroid’s for selfies

craze of selfies needed in digi-cams

Humanity as of today likes to express its feelings I the form of photos, and having said that selfies has swiveled the world of humanity making an urge for the finger to click. It would be fair to even say that from the time of cameras until now the number of pictures clicked through the front camera has enormously outnumbered those clicked of the rear cam.

Polaroid’s were a time in the retro world where pictures followed the method of click and pop, you instantly get the hard copy of the snap that you just took. And Fujifilm has just imagined that, bringing both worlds together the polaroid concept from the vintage era and the craze for selfies in the tech era of mankind.

At first Fujifilm did solve the craze of selfies needed in digi-cams through many of its products such as the instax series. These were launched in 4 variants and costs around 6k-10k. Now with the new idea in mind they have decided to launch a selfie-Polaroid for those entire selfie click and post savvies.

It’s more of a step of preservation, for those golden days of the past and some of the gadgets from of old that we are to remember. Yet, why wouldn’t one feel happy in having taken a selfie and getting an instant print out of it in seconds to share.

To conclude I truly do stand over the truth that digital is the future in this fast growing tech culture of ours. Nevertheless would it be good in incultivating todays trend with old mechanisms of the past. It may not stand tall in the line of improvised technology of today but still, it sure can throw a pic of a happy face in seconds.