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Google ends support for Reply an app for smart replies. (The app was launched in Feb this year)

Google has decided to withdraw support for Reply. This app launched in the month of February this year was used to provide a smart reply to third-party messaging apps like Hangout, Messenger and Slack. This app was a part of the Google Area 120 Division. This part of Google dealt with incubating and testing strange new apps.

Google had sent a mail to its beta testers which reads “As you know, Reply was an experiment, and that experiment has now ended” The mail goes on to elaborate briefly on the Reply app, one of the most recent offerings from Google Area 120, “While it might still work for the next few months, you may encounter bugs, or see that the suggestions aren’t as good.” Undoubtedly the app will fall out of use and will be extinct in the few months.

The user reports of this venture from Google Area 120 were not favorable. Many users had found the replies generated to be bland and boring. They veered towards mainly affirmative answers and just identified the nouns from the conversation and parroted them back. It also had a habit of replying “ I love you” as a default answer, regardless of the context. As much as we all need love in our lives, many felt that a line had to be drawn at it being used by an app as a default response. Many users felt that the replies were not helpful and were inclined towards inanities. New features were soon to be added to the app like Maps and Calendars and provisions for traffic updates and commute suggestions based on the users’ current suggestions. Google plans to incorporate the lessons learned from Reply to its other products like Gmail Smart Compose and Smart Reply.

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