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Google+ for G Suite lives on and gets new features
Google plus features

Google+ for G Suite lives on and gets new features

For some months it had been rumored that Google+ will be withdrawn. Google finally went ahead and pulled the plug in early October 2018 due to an API bug that led to data of 500,000 users being exposed. The Google+ version for ordinary users is scheduled to go offline in mid-2019 but Google+ is not quite dead yet. The enterprise version which allows social networking inside companies will remain and Google has announced a host of new Google plus features at the Google Cloud NEXT London event.

With this Google+ has emerged as a communication tool which will be able to reach across departments and break barriers to communication.

New features of Google+ for G Suite

1. In large organizations, communications platforms require greater oversight. With new Google plus features, Google has now made sure that Google+ has the same manageability as the rest of G Suite. Admins can now bulk add entire groups to a Google+ community and this makes it easier for admins to bring in new users.

2. In another new Google plus features, if employees are using Google+, admins can view the metrics for Google+ communities owned by employers.

3. Very soon Google will be adding Google plus features making it possible for admins to moderate, review or remove posts if needed.

4. Employees will be able to use tags in conversation. Tags make it easier to find the correct content. Soon Google+ will be able to provide suggested tags like #customer-feedback when someone posts something about customer satisfaction survey. The tags make it easier to provide relevant content and show it more easily in search.

5. With Google+ business managers can engage in dialogue with any employee at any level of the organization. This allows executives to understand the pulse of the organization.

Google+ positions itself as workplace social network

With these new Google plus features, Google+ for G Suite is placing itself firmly in competition with Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook in the arena of enterprise social networking. It remains to be seen in the coming months and years if Google can prove its value to businesses and their employees.

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