Google Glass - it's been a Boon to Smart Glasses

Google Glass – it’s been a Boon to Smart Glasses

Google has released its new wearable smartphone known as Google Glass with lots of excitement, which indicates that the mobile computing has step into its next stage. This is not any series of its old product and also it is not an updated version of any Android smartphone, but it is completely a new gadget in itself. Google Glass can perform various activities perfectly without even moving your hands anymore.

The Fit, Look and the Feel of the Google Glass

The Google Glass is built and designed with the classy look, which fits the nose as perfect as one can appear with a wearable computer that is fitted on their face. The device is made of the titanium head band that remains durable as it stretches well from ear to ear. The Google Glass sports the plastic casing, which hides the key components well and helps to give a neat and the clean look.

Everyone’s attention is also immediately drawn to the adjacent cube-shaped glass prism that sits above the right eye. It has an acceptable 640 x 360 resolution and hangs just out of the way of the wearer’s line of sight. For the person who wear the Glass, this cube-shaped display acts as a much bigger screen, one that’s equivalent to a 25-inch HDTV sitting eight feet away.


The Google Glass is built with the dimension of 5.25 inches as wide and 8 inches long. The Google Glass is too wide and long so it the pocket of the users at its best and offer a comfort and a neat look.

The Google Glass is available to the users in the youthful colors such as black, orange, gray, white and blue. Though, the Google Glass is featured with the large battery, and a durable frame, it is completely light weighted as it weights just 42 grams, which offers a comfort feel while resting it on face.

Similar to the modern smartphone, the Google Glass is also featured with some of the small buttons because most of the interactions are done through 3.25-inch touchpad that sits on the right side.


What makes the Google Glass special and unique?


Record Videos: The Google Glass is built and designed with various unique features, one among them is recording video. All you have to do is just say the word and the Google Glass will take a snap or record as video with out even touching it once. All the photos and the recorded videos will be automatically stored on the 4 GB of flash memory, which have been built in the Google Glass. The special thing in this is that you can share the stored photos and videos to your friends and families through a social networking websites or you can email to other people.

Read messages: The Google Glass will display your messages, emails sent to you and also it enable you to reply to the recipients as well.

Surfing: The goal of the Google Glass keeps the tough thing easier. If you want to google for any sort of things, or if you are looking for a particular search, Google Glass helps you out to do in a flash. All you have to do is that you simply ask the question you are looking for, the device will put the relevant answer together from the internet and put it in to the screen in front of your eyes.

Show Maps: The Google Glass is also hosted with the Google Maps, which let you to search for the specific location and also you can search and get the information regarding the amount of time to reach the destination. The Google Glass also pull the answer and put it on the screen through voice commands.

Live video Sharing: The most attractive feature in this device is that you can share all the moments that you are enjoying or the things that you are watching to your lovable persons live. Stop wondering. Yeah, if you are attending a party, or a function, competition or what ever it might be, Google Glass enable you to share the recorded video with your friends and families in a real time.

Digital voice assistant: The Digital voice assistant is integrated in the Google Glass, which enable you to keep track of you day to day activities such as when you leave the office or the route you take. It will also give you alternate routes in case of traffic on your regular routes and also you will be updated with the weather updates periodically.

Translate: This is a neat and the most useful feature that may come in handy when you travel abroad. You simply need to ask Google Glass to translate a phrase or sentence from one language to another and it will speak that out. This feature would definitely make the Google Glass as the most successful one.