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Google launches paid storage service Google one in India (user can share plan with up to 5 family members)

Good news is on its way. None of us these days can have enough storage in our devices. There are apps we must install, photographs we must take and videos that we must absolutely have saved for future references. With the invention of cloud-based storage systems the entire nightmare of storage being full is now a distant dream. To give you your share in the cloud Google has launched the amazing Google One in India. The Google One provides users with a large amount of storage space across several applications. This includes Google Drive Storage, Gmail, and Google Photos.

This is a paid subscription offer and starts from Rs. 130 a month or Rs 1300 per year for 100 GB storage per year. The largest plan offers up to 30 TB for Rs. 19, 550 per month. Google has launched the same service in the USA earlier and India follows suit. The service and plans differ from country to country. Now, Google offers a storage system beyond Google Drive Storage.

Files in Google Drive Storage, items in the trash, mail attachments which form Gmail Data, Spam Mails, Trash Folders, Google photos and videos all come under the umbrella ‘Storage.’ Google Docs, form, slides etc hardly use any storage space. Google Drive users already availing the paid extra storage facilities will be automatically upgraded to Google One services. This offer was announced last month and was launched last week. Be it, family or friends, one subscription offer can benefit up to 5 people providing them all with a huge storage space at a minimal cost. It is not sure whether the users will have access to Google Experts like they do in the USA.

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