Google Plus Surprises you with its Quality and Simplicity

Google Plus Surprises you with its Quality and Simplicity

Google Plus is the most interesting free app from Google, which let each and every one to get connected with friends, families and other people and share your interests and also all of your things that you are interested. With the Google+, one can get connected and follow the great people that includes experts in various fields, influencers and much other to discover new things and get updated with the happenings.


What new in Hangouts:

Google Plus offers the multiple interesting features to the people that definitely make this as the best app among other hangouts. Let’s take a look on the functionalities of the Google Plus that attracts the users at its best.

The most interesting feature in the Google Plus is that it offers the great option called communities, which is considered as one of the best place to find out new contents and also you can connect with the people, those who are into the same interests. You can search for the community related to your field of interests and join to get start your carrier. Once you joined in the community, now you can be able to post in the community and also enjoy commenting on other’s posts and get connect with other members of the same community.

Other than Community feature, Google+ flaunts with the Google+ photos, which offers the people to save all their sweet photos that would definitely brings their best moments into their life and also they can share it to the other people. It is featured with Auto Backup facility, which stores all your photos and videos automatically when you upload your photos and videos into Google+. The interesting part is that you can access your photos and videos from anywhere.

If you want to share your current location to your lovable friends or families or if you wish the send them the location of the party occurring, Google Plus let you to do with the Location sharing feature. By enabling this feature, you can share your location to other people. All you have to do is just click the map pin icon available on the screen to get start the Google Maps locator, then just make a click on Share Location option available over there. Now, attaches your location along with the messages whatever you wish to send to the recipients.

For sending messages to a Goolge+ you need to logon to the account. But now, you are avail with the Google Hangouts for your mobiles featured with full SMS functionalities, which enable you to send and receive text messages from inside the Hangouts app without the requirement of being logged into Hangouts. The way it works is really simple and interesting.


The most attractive feature that draws the attention of the user is that you can do free audio calls and enjoy well rich video conversations. You can enjoy free video conference calling up to 10 people in the Google+ Hangouts.
Another special thing in Google+ is that it supports some cool features such as plugins or app. Some of the plugins are also featured in this hangout that includes Screenshare, Capture and Google Effects, where some of the additional ones can be downloaded. Google Plus can make your video great with crystal clear clarity and also Google has decided to enhance the audio of the upload video very soon can be expected.

Overall, Try out Google Plus and get surprised by its quality and simplicity. Google+ Hangouts offers the best service that definitely worth trying.