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How to Make Sure Videos are Optimized on Mobile Phones


Mobile phones can be a bit of a mixed bunch in terms of their specifications. While many of the newer models of smartphones feature full HD (1080p) displays, older models as well as entry-level variants have a more diverse range of display resolutions. Add to that the various differences in terms of video compatibility, and it should be easy to see why it is important to make sure your videos are optimized before you use them on your mobile phones.

Of course it is possible to check for the specifications and supported formats of your mobile phones manually and then convert your video to match them. However a better way is to save yourself the time and effort, and use Movavi Video Converter instead to convert your videos from .MOV to .MP4, .AVI, .WMV, or any other format.

When you use Movavi Video Converter, youll be able to convert the format and video settings of your codec as and how you see fit. In this case however, the best way to go about it would be to use one of the hundreds of presets that are available and include support for mobile devices. By selecting one of these presets the software will automatically optimize your video for the mobile phone in question.

At times you may find that you dont just want to optimize your videos for mobile phones, but compress them instead. While that would be tricky normally, with Movavi Video Converter you can just set the desired file size and compress your video so that it comes close to it.

In fact you will even be able to tweak your videos in other ways, such as by trimming out any unnecessary segments, merging video clips together, improving the video quality, and adding text to the video. If you want you could create animated GIFs from your video clips, grab screenshots, and extract the audio from your videos as well.

The scope of features that Movavi Video Converter brings to the table will give you an unprecedented amount of options in terms of how you convert, tweak, optimize or adjust your video to use on your mobile phones. If optimizing them is all you need then you can get that done in a matter of minutes, but if youd like to explore your other options then you can experiment and try out the other features which youll undoubtedly find are just as easy to use.