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In India, WhatsApp has placed its new privacy policy on hold

On Friday, WhatsApp informed the Delhi High Court that the distribution of its revised privacy policy in India had been suspended.

The change is purely voluntary, and WhatsApp claims the new policy will not take effect until the new Personal Data Protection Bill takes effect.

During a hearing in the Delhi High Court, this was said. The hearing was on WhatsApp and Facebook’s appeal against CCI’s investigation into WhatsApp’s revised privacy policy.

The new policy has been put on hold, according to senior lawyer Harish Salve, who represents Facebook and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy has been put on hold in a voluntary move

 “The government has requested that the policy be terminated. We’ve stated that we won’t enforce it until the data privacy statute is approved. “It’s open-ended because we don’t know when the Bill will be released,” Harish Salve remarked during the hearing at the Delhi High Court.

Salve goes on to say that WhatsApp would not force users to adopt the policy, as it did in the past.

WhatsApp has previously warned users that if they did not accept the new rules, the app’s functioning would be limited. This decision was widely panned by users throughout the world, and it was eventually reversed.

Salve, on the other hand, stated that WhatsApp will continue to show the update to its users. As a result, the app will continue to try to persuade additional users to adopt its policy.

“We have indicated we would not do this [enforce policy] for a while,” Harish Salve told the Delhi High Court. If the Bill permits me to do it, the consequences will be entirely different.”

To refresh your memory, WhatsApp announced a new privacy policy in January that was widely panned. Since then, the app has been attempting to explain the policy’s reasoning. It has also attempted to display in-app banners to users who have not approved it.

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