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An Insight about Google’s Robot Army

An Insight about Google’s Robot Army

Though it is not uncertain for google to occupy headlines in the technology press, one of the Google’s recent moves has still raised the eyes of all. Google acquired Boston Dynamics, a functional robot maker along with seven other firms, including redwood robotics, industrial perception, schaft, meka, Holomni and the startups Autofuss and Bot and Dolly. Let’s have a look at how much 9artificial intelligence companies and bots that they have acquired for their bucks.



Boston dynamics:

The bots made by this company have thuggish looking appearance, usually resembling an animal, have been developed for the purpose of US military and delicately used for the tasks of ‘search and rescue’. This firm has also created a humanoid prototype known as atlas that can lift, carry and control the environment.


If Meka is offering the basis for the first half of google’s bot, this company provides the bottom. The Japanese designed bot that remains balanced even jostled has beaten its opponents at the latest robotics competition organized by the United States defence department. It has made the light work of rough terrain and also climbed up down the ladder.

Redwood robotics:

With the combined expertise of three leading developers, including Meka, aimed on the elusive objective of making a completely functioning robotic arm. The arms being developed by the redwood will grasp attention on the advances that was previously made by Meka in the subject of compliant hands and arms. These feature a joined fingers and thumbs and shoulder joints and nimble elbow that can regulate their grip as well as movement in accordance to the human contact.

Industrial perception:

By means of a unique range of infra-red vision, IPI developed robots with the potential to view in three dimensions, to differentiate between colors and objects and be more cautious about its surroundings. Industrial perception has been utilized to warehouse robots so far to help them handle packages very precisely, but this technology is likely to form the vision for Google’s robot.


The Meka M1 controller is a humanoid torso, with arms and head combined to form a friendly looking and an approachable robot that utilizes complex series flexible motors to manipulate its familiar and fluid movements. It is this human approach that makes Meka very valuable for google. The company has also developed a sociable humanoid head, called dreamer, having oversized, appealing color changing and doe-eyes ears.

Bot and dolly:

Bot and Dolly robots are being employed in TV and film, for example in Adidas and gravity ads. They are not only film, but also capable of moving props and actor in a frame.



For the general movement of its robots, google has evaded its bets by getting hold of Holomni, a firm that aims solely on castors and wheels with powered movement of 360 degree. Google may think of having a variety of different robots, some wheeled, some walking or possible a robot that includes both the approaches in its movement.