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Instagram is attempting to emulate TikTok by displaying photo and video results

Instagram is aiming to improve its search capabilities by allowing users to see videos and images as results. The update in Search is presently under development and will be rolled out to users shortly, according to the Facebook-owned picture and video sharing site. Instagram is also working on extending support for more languages to its Search feature. Instagram Search now divides results into Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, and Places tabs. Instagram claims to be working on a comprehensive search results page experience that will make it even simpler to dig deeper into your passions.

In a blog post, the business stated that it is working on changes to make discovery easier. In the future, Instagram Search will display images and video results under the Top tab.

“We’re also improving the exploration of search results. For example, a search for “space” will return photographs and videos linked to space. In a blog post, Instagram notes, “This is especially beneficial when you don’t have a precise username or hashtag in mind while looking for a certain topic.” It has provided a screenshot of how the new Search results will seem, and the design appears to be influenced by TikTok’s search results.

Instagram is also increasing the number of keywords you can use to find content. Instagram says it is focusing on getting keyword search results correct in English right now, but it will add support for other languages in the future. The firm did not specify when these functionalities will be available.

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