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Intuitive Office Phone Systems – BroadConnect


A business is only as strong as its ability to unify communication across its employees, clients and offices to achieve real-time solutions to problems. Choosing to invest in a secure, reliable global IP network that leverages VoIP Technology such as BroadConnect means you’re adapting to the ever-growing telecommunications landscape. Enjoy around-the-clock communication whether you’re in the office or on the road, with BroadConnect’s office phone systems solutions.

Let’s take a look at why companies are revolutionizing the way they communicate with BroadConnect below:

Cutting Edge Solutions

We have an expert team of engineers that design and implement customized, company-centric solutions to help our customers unify their office phone systems in a way that makes sense to how they operate. By employing countless experts across multimedia technologies from IP PBX brands, emerging voice and data sectors, we find cutting edge solutions to optimize your communication efforts.

Digitalize It

Fax machines have become a bit outdated, particularly for the nomadic business type. To bridge this problem, we’ve developed an innovative faxing system that allows users to send and receive faxes with no paper, ink, or equipment. As long as you have your phone, our fax-to-email service will eliminate the need for a separate, dedicated fax line. Didn’t the sound of a fax coming in drive you crazy anyway?

Third Party Protection

A major problem for companies engaging in international business is the risk of being targeted by unauthorized third parties. Without proactive measures in place, these third parties bringcostly and even illegal charges to companies. BroadConnect works with you to provide full fraud protection and active monitoring to ensure long distance fraud isn’t an issue.

 Go Toll-Free

Doing business internationally is a sign of a healthy and growing company. BroadConnect users enjoy access to toll-free phone numbers in over 75 countries worldwide, covering all of your international business needs. Take advantage of our customized platform for specific geographical regions and pay a fraction of what your current toll-free services cost. Is your business growing faster than you can predict? No problem. Add as many company phone lines as you need, whenever you need them.

 Long Distance Savings

Planning and managing budgets is difficult no matter what size business you operate. BroadConnect wants to give customers as few surprises as possible, which is why we offer low flat rate charges for long distance calls across all of North America, regardless of day or time. Companies save up to 50 percent on their phone charges without hiccups in service support or voice quality when leveraging our office phone systems. If that isn’t enough to turn to North America’s most reliable telecommunications provider, then we don’t know what is.