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It's still a good idea to use wired headphones!

It’s still a good idea to use wired headphones!

It was the firm that appeared to have rendered wired headphones obsolete. Then it reminded us of how significant they are. Yes, Apple did both of these things.

It surprised the world a few years ago by removing the standard headphone connector and then launching the AirPods, which are completely wireless headphones. And just when we were getting acclimated to the concept of a wireless audio world, Apple gently reminded us that we would need wired earbuds to listen to Apple Music in true high definition lossless format!

And it served as a reminder of why wearing wired headphones or earbuds is still a good idea. True wireless earphones have created a lot of buzz. Since Apple released the AirPods in 2016, everyone has been clamouring to get their hands on a pair, and it’s no surprise that not only audio manufacturers, but also most smartphone makers, have jumped on board.

While some may consider it a technical wonder that these buds can accomplish everything conventional wired earbuds can do but without the cables, we recommend sticking with the good old wired earphones for the time being. Listen to us out before you dismiss us as Amish.

A Tangled, Tripping mess!

We know that the world hates wires (despite the fact that they operate everything technology and then some throughout the planet) and desires to eradicate the existence of these “evil technical snakes” from our life. And, on one level, it appears to make sense.

Even the most monkish of individuals have had their patience tried by detangling wired earbuds, and tangling has a detrimental influence on more than simply patience. It also shortens the life of wired earbuds, making them more susceptible to breaking. Then there’s the simple question of freedom that comes with a wireless experience vs a tethered one, which essentially holds you down to a connected device.

You can even trip over them, causing damage not just to yourself but also to the (often expensive) gadget to which they were attached. Then there’s the fact that genuinely wireless is more fashionable, in style, and simply more accepted in today’s society.

However, wired continues to function

Despite these drawbacks, we believe wired earphones have a place in our audio universe. Let’s start with the fact that when they come out of your ears, they don’t usually go straight to the ground and break. Unlike those that are completely wireless.

Regardless of what manufacturers claim, and regardless of what type of TWS earbuds you buy, unless they have a hinge around them that physically clamps on to your ears, the freedom these truly wireless earbuds offer will come at a price. And as a result, they began to fall out of your ears on a regular basis.

Brands claim that you can run with them, work out with them, dance with them, or walk on buildings with them (Apple ran an ad along similar creative, hypothetical lines), and these wire-free buds will stay in your ears, but take it from us: if you’re doing anything that requires a lot of movement, you’re going to fall.

And because they are wire-free, there is nothing to prevent them from colliding with the ground and maybe breaking.

Furthermore, these wire-free earbuds have a carrying case. These cases are not just for carrying these earphones about, but they also serve as chargers in virtually all instances (pun intended). So you can’t just throw away the case and keep the buds. This also means you’ll have to charge another device, which isn’t an issue with corded earbuds.

Pick them up, plug them in, and go about your business. They don’t need to be charged at all! TWS may also be easily misplaced due to their small size (which is why keeping them in that case is essential, which means you’ll have to carry that case about!).

Because of their small size, they have tiny controls to manage, which are a nuisance to operate and get accustomed to (they also don’t always work the way they’re intended to).

There are no such difficulties with wired headphones; the controls are usually huge buttons on the ear cups, or a convenient control panel if you’re using buds, and occasionally all the controls are on the connected device itself!

In fact, there’s a good possibility your Bluetooth connection will disappear if you’re using Bluetooth headphones or TWS – but there’s no way you’ll lose your connection with a wired headset as long as the cable is intact.

And Sound better!

Last but not least, there’s the audio quality, as Apple reminded us. While wireless audio buds have made considerable advances in audio quality, they still can’t compete with a cable experience.

And there are good technical reasons for this: you can only transfer so much data over the air compared to cables, thus a wired earphone or headphone is likely to offer far better sound quality than its wire-free competitors at the same or even higher price.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry as much about supported formats with quality wire headphones as you do with wireless ones – no worries about aptX compatibility or latency while gaming.

To give you an example, our sub-Rs 10,000 AKG 371 sound better than the Rs 20,000 AirPods Pro, are less likely to break if they fall, are less likely to hit the ground if they fall off our ears, require no recharging, can be thrown into a bag and taken anywhere, and work with any device with a 3.5 mm audio jack.

So, if audio quality, simplicity of use, and sheer convenience are important to you, we wouldn’t recommend leaving your wired friends for a while.

Yes, they aren’t really fashionable or trendy, and they may appear big and trip you up at times, but they still work and sound great. Inquire of Apple!

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