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Just for Android Users: The Best Lifestyle Apps From 2016


Android is the most popular smartphone OS in the world and millions of devices run on it. As a result, it has a vast amount of apps in its app store. Its main rival, iOS, also has a huge number of apps to choose from, but there are many apps that are unique to Android devices.

Android phones are more flexible, and some of the apps you can get on your Android device will allow you to do things on your phone that iPhone owners cannot. Here are some of the best to try out.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a fantastic launcher app, and it’s a great way to personalize your device. You can use it to change transitions between screens, change how icons look, and there is a huge range of options for customizing your phone and little tweaks you can make so you can set your device up exactly as you want it to be.

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES is a file explorer app for Android devices, and you can use it to browse through folders on your phone and find the files you want, just like you would on your computer. You can then edit and delete them as you please, making it a very useful application.

Weather Live Free

Get access to accurate weather forecasts using this weather app for Android phone owners. Using the app, you can get forecasts for all over the world, so you can take it with you on your travels. It’s easy to use and it’s also an attractive app, so it’s perfect for staying on top of what the weather is going to do.


Tasker is a great little automation tool for Android devices, and it allows you carry out a huge range of actions. It’s very smart, and you can set certain things to happen based on your location, for example, like lower the ring volume when you get to work. It’s very versatile and well worth trying out.

ADV Screen Recorder

If you want to record your Android screen, ADV Screen Recorder is the app you need. This is not available on the iPhone, and it’s a great little tool that is easy to use, allowing you to save anything on your screen to watch it later.


AirDroid is an app you can use to get wireless access to your Android files and messages when you do not have your phone with you. This means you can access your phone from your PC and view photos, view your screen, take screenshots and even send SMS messages directly from your PC.


Greenify is a useful app you can use to reduce the amount of battery power certain apps use. You can use it to set an app to hibernate, and it will no longer be able to access bandwidth or system resources, making it a great way to get more power from your phone.

Make iPhone Users Jealous

iPhone owners have access to a huge number of apps for their devices, but there are a number of apps that are only available for Android owners. So make your iPhone-owning friends jealous by downloading these apps to your device. They all provide useful features that are only for Android devices, so make use of them by downloading them today.

Molly Mills writes about technology and apps, using them to organize her life as a busy working Mom. She shares the best ones to get and how best to use them to help with your life.

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