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Latest Invention: Insoles Having Pressure Sensor Communicate Through Your Mobile

Wireless technology is widely used in billions of products to offer unmatched flexibility for the product developers, convenience for the consumer and hence for providing easy access to the application developers. Did you ever wonder how these latest inventions are made? The inventions are made through technological-breakthrough and recent happenings taking place all over the world. One of the amazing latest inventions made in the technological world is shoes assist in communicating with your cell phones. This invention has been made for the people who are vigorous and enthusiastic in their sports. With the aid of this invention, the sports person can easily make their insoles having pressure sensors to offer data wirelessly to any of the mobile phones in the extreme closeness. The sports person can understand how much pressure he is applying on his vehicle when doing exercise.


An Arizona-based corporation has newly presented its wonderful invention on insoles having pressure sensors which provide information wirelessly towards the mobile phone which is placed in close proximity. ESoles Inc is having its headquarters in the location of Scottsdale has recently developed a prototype model of insoles having pressure sensors which can easily transmit the information wirelessly to any mobile placed nearby as well as by implementing a special application on the mobile which is quite useful to provide data regarding the level of pressure an individual is applying is eleven varying parts of every sole. This system has been widely utilized to study the technique of United States Olympic BMX team.

According to the person Glen Hinshaw who is a founder of esoles and former professional cyclist, this recent invention assist cyclists to know how to put utmost power to the cycle pedals out of the entrance. Apart from that, the system is also utilized to study the skiing posture or golf swing of an individual. Moreover, this system is not only suitable for sports moreover the company is expecting to use to insoles having sensors in gaming strategy also. Presently, the company is attempting to implement in jump rope game. The main aim of this game is to get time jumps in the rope which founds on the mobile phone screens.


You can have single leg on the surface of ground and you can lift the other foot so that the jump rope stops since it is not clearing your foot. Furthermore, the company is planning to use this recent invention in the field of medicine. For instance, the insoles can assist in indicating diabetes patients whoever lost sensation in their leg regarding the potential danger of wound happening due to extreme pressure. Glen Hinshaw looks forward to create few trial versions of its products in the month of July and later on this product will turned to the commercial. The starting price rate of the invention is about $300 whereas the price could be later changed to $50. This invention also determines you fitness and health level absolutely so that you can lead a happy life forever. This technological invention is a needed for the fitness and sports lover.