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LG Electronics Inc and Mercedes-Benz Team Up For Self-Driving Cars

LG Electronics Inc and Mercedes-Benz Team Up For Self-Driving Cars

Nowadays, Self driving cars have become one of the major focal point of most of the developing industries. In the series, now LG and Mercedes-Benz has announced that they are will to have partnership to create an intelligent camera system for automated driving. LG has recently reported that it they will be providing the core components of self-driving cars from Mercedes-Benz in the future.

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The new system is planned in such a way that the self-driving cars will make use of algorithms, cameras and other computing power to assist the driving experience. The joint system of the product is based on the LG’s existing ADAS products that include cameras, which produce alerts when a vehicle changes lane, read road signs, check the driver’s health status and issue proximity-based warnings for any obstacles in cases like automated parking and much more.

The car is comprised and hosted with wide range of features, as the car automatically slows down depends on the object that is viewed in front of it. On the deal, the LG will be sharing its home entertainments and mobile communications on its side t o the car maker, which in turn leads to a great use of in-vehicle infotainment systems. On the other side, the Mercedes-Benz will be offering its 6 D Vision that enable the drivers to have a complete 360 degree vision over other vehicles, drivers, objects and much more.


Till now both of them have not released any sort of details regarding Self-driving car in terms of information like whether they are release as a separate product or as a joint one. Many companies are focusing to release a fully autonomous driving solution for the future. One among such notable one is Google that recently released a first prototype of its self-driving car.

Anyway, this Self-driving car by LG and Mercedes-Benz has got wide expectations in the market.

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