Local Motors’ 3D-printed car meets the Detroit Auto Show

Newly, for the very first time DETROIT, MI – Phoenix-based technology company Local Motors have introduced strati at the North American international auto show ( NAIAS ) where car manufacturers shows off their latest and the most powerful creations enclosed in shiny new metal. Strati is the world’s first 3D printed an electric car . This car is the most innovative vehicle with only two seated generally considered as the “Neighbourhood electric car”and it is made of 80 percent Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic and 20 percent minced carbon fiber using three – phase printing process that took 44 hours approximately which in about two full working days and this Strati is outfitted with an electric battery and weighs a claimed 1500 pounds which runs at the speed of 25 miles / hour.


First three local motor vehicles were ready to beat the market. Depending on the individual comments given by the customers each strati’s price estimation comes around $25,000 to the $ 35,000. The refreshed Strati features a reworked front end, headlights, taillights and fenders, said by Herge. “We like to think of it as a Build-a-Bear mashed up with IKEA mashed up with Formula 1,” said by John B. Rogers, Jr. the Local Motors co-founder and CEO at the company’s Monday afternoon press conference.

Local Motors are also planning to construct an additional two micro factories in Knoxville, Tennessee and in National Harbour, Maryland, whereas the first 3D printed cars will be sold to the public would be manufactured. Both the micro factories are said to produce more than 100 tasks each.

Manufacturing :


For strati, the Local motors used 3D printing process to manufacture all other part body excluding the mechanical parts. This 3D printed electric car is printed from thermoplastic using a machine named Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) . BAAM is a very big area 3D-printing machine which processes with high energy consumption that impacts the environment. The environmental consequence is balanced by using full and full of recyclable materials which can be dismantled and reprocessed to be used in printing another car. Later , the batteries, motors and the suspensions can be manually assembled.

Local Motors continues and going ahead to set goals. This company planning to manufacture 30 cars road legal and will be available for sale by september 2015.