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Mi HyperSonic Power Bank 20000mAh with 50W rapid charging is now available for Rs 3499

Mi India has announced the Indian launch of the Mi HyperSonic Power Bank. The gadget has triple ports and a super-fast 50W charging capability.

Price of Mi HyperSonic Power Bank

The Power Bank is available for Rs 3,499 on Kickstarter. It’s currently available for pre-order on, with a goal of 2,500 units sold in 15 days.


The power bank allows customers to charge numerous devices at once. The power bank can fast-charge compatible smartphones at 50W thanks to its triple port design, which includes USB-C and dual USB-A connectors. It can also charge a laptop quickly at 45 watts (PD 3.0).

A normal 4500mAh smartphone battery may be charged in approximately 1 hour 5 minutes with the 50W rapid charging. The USB-C decreases the time it takes to charge gadgets by up to 45 percent. Users may also fully recharge the power bank in only 3 hours and 50 minutes.

It has a premium matte black design and is lightweight thanks to the use of high-quality PC + ABS material. The triple ports are meant to make holding the device comfortable at all times.

The power bank, according to the firm, is meant to give users with not just quicker charging but also better safety and protection. It has high-density 20,000mAh Li-poly batteries that charge quickly and safely with each usage.

The power bank protects itself and the devices with 16 layers of advanced chip protection, including short circuit protection, temperature protection, input over-voltage protection, electrostatic protection, battery over-current protection, over discharge protection, and more, making it ideal for everyday use.

The power bank also has a low-power charging mode that can be engaged by double tapping the power button, allowing safe charging of low-power devices including Bluetooth headphones, fitness bands, and smartwatches.

Mi Power Bank Boost Pro with 30000mAh battery was previously released in India. It includes a USB Type-C connector that supports 18W rapid charging. The Mi Power Bank Boost Pro can be completely charged in 7.5 hours with its 30W unique fast charger.

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