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Netflix’s N-Plus service is rumoured to be in the works, and it might provide fans behind-the-scenes access to Netflix shows

Netflix is apparently planning to offer a new subscription dubbed ‘N-Plus,’ which will provide consumers access to behind-the-scenes footage, bespoke TV programme playlists, and other content possibilities. The announcement comes after the corporation was discovered issuing a poll to some of its consumers inquiring as to why it was considering this option.

Protocol’s Biz Carson was lucky enough to receive the N-Plus survey from Netflix. The service is characterised as a “future online place where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything linked to them,” according to the company. User-generated playlists, how-tos, podcasts, behind-the-scenes, and other types of material should all be available on the service.

The option to create and share personalised playlists is one of the features highlighted, implying that N-Plus users might create lists of their favourite TV series and share them with friends or publish them online. This implies that Netflix may use the service as a social networking platform as well.

This concept was extended to music in the poll, which questioned how respondents felt about N-Plus listing all of the music from a TV show and allowing users to make playlists from it.

The N-Plus service may have an influence on a show now in pre-production. “Learn about a planned programme (pre-production) and influence its evolution with input before filming has concluded,” according to N-Plus users. According to the Protocol article, “it is also exploring providing user evaluations of TV series, maybe showcasing ones from people with similar watching tastes.”

A Netflix spokesman told the Publication that the survey was part of the firm’s attempts to poll its audience on topics the firm is studying. He went on to say that he didn’t have anything further to say at this time.

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