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New Drone Rules for 2021: In India, no security clearance is required for registration, and no operation licence is required

The Centre released new drone usage standards on Thursday, in a series of progressive rules that would dramatically change the Indian landscape for drones.

No security check is now necessary before any registration or licence issuing for the use of drones, according to the new guidelines. The new guidelines say that the costs for licences to use drones have been cut to minimal amounts.

For freight delivery, drone routes will be created. Drone coverage under the Drone Rules 2021 has been expanded from 300kg to 500kg to encompass big payload-carrying drones and drone taxis, according to the statement.

A unique authorisation number, unique prototype identification number, certificate of conformance, certificate of maintenance, operator permits, authorisation of a Research and Development organisation, and remote pilot instructor authorisation are among the approvals eliminated under the new rules, according to the rules.

Under the Drone Rules of 2021, the maximum penalty has been decreased to Rs. 1 lakh. However, this does not apply to fines for violations of other laws.

On the digital sky platform, an interactive airspace map featuring green, yellow, and red zones will be shown. The yellow zone around the airport has been decreased from 45 kilometres to 12 kilometres.

Drones can be operated without authorization in green zones and up to 200 feet from the airport boundary between 8 and 12 kilometres.

All drones will be registered online using the Digital Sky Platform. It also mentioned the simple procedure for transferring and de-registering drones.

A simple possibility for the regularisation of current drones in the nation was offered. According to the guidelines, using nano and micro drones for non-commercial purposes no longer requires a pilot licence.

“No permission – no take-off,” real-time tracking beacon, geo-fencing, and other safety measures will be alerted in the future. Compliance will be given at least a six-month advance time.

An authorised drone school will provide all drone training and examinations. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will set training standards, supervise drone schools, and issue pilot licences online, according to the statement.

Drone type certification has been entrusted to the Quality Council of India and its authorised certification bodies. For research and development entities, there is no need for a type certificate, a unique identification number, previous approval, or a remote pilot licence.

Drone imports, on the other hand, will be governed by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). To promote a business-friendly regulatory framework, the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Promotion Council will be established.

The revised “The Drone Rules, 2021” were issued for public input earlier this year by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

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