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Pinterest launches Virtual Shopping Bag and visual search

Pinterest, the online image board, has gotten two or three new features to build shopping on the platform in an offer to adapt its advertising. It intends to change itself from being generally a discovery site to a shopping service, thus it has presented a virtual shopping bag. This new cart like feature will give you a chance to add products to a virtual bag while you are browsing the site and the pins that you discover. Before you leave the site, you can look at the products in your cart from inside the site or the app itself.

Beforehand, the purchase option was just accessible on the mobile app and inside the US. While the US just confinement hasn’t transformed, they have extended the purchase option to the online site too. They are working closely with merchants to make a better experience for the user while shopping so that the basic USP of the user seeing just what they like doesn’t change.

pintFurthermore, Pinterest has joined a visual search feature, wherein, when you open an image it shows a small translucent search button on the upper right corner of the image. When you tap that button, you can indicate an area inside the image by dragging a rectangular box. In view of that specification, the app identifies the object(s) within that area and suggests outwardly comparable pins for you. This feature works away at both the app and the web, and it is not region restricted.

While Pinterest has dependably been about blending social networking with discovery, they appear to do the entire ‘merging social and e-commerce’ bit great as well. Already, Flipkart and Twitter have both made efforts in the same direction with “Ping” and the Buy button individually, and we as a whole know how that turned out. With this development, it would be considerably all the more interesting to see how Facebook’s supposed e-commerce bots turn out.

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