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Ramp up Your Living Space


Are you tired of the drab look of your living room décor? Maybe you inherited your furniture out of college or made some purchasing mistakes when you first moved in. Either way, ramping up the décor in your living room can be accomplished in a few short weekends within a reasonable budget.  Follow these tips from the pros and your living room will whisper Zen in no time.

One of the most basic ways to revamp a room is to change out the wall color. The first step is to empty out the room of all clutter, furniture and carpets. Now you can truly assess the architectural features of the room. Does it have a large fireplace or picture window that’s a focal point? Keep this in mind when selecting a color. What other rooms are visible from the main living area? You’ll want to select a color that compliments these rooms or you’ll open your site line up to potentially clashing colors.  Prepare the walls by caulking in all the holes and sanding. Remove outlet and door hardware and store in a secure place while painting is underway. While all the paint supplies are out, touch up any woodwork or trim with fresh white paint as necessary.

When returning the furnishings to the room, select the largest pieces and place them first.  The key is to identify a focal point, either a large window, fireplace or even a large TV and stand. Group the furnishing to allow for conversation between several people.  Be selective on what to return to the room. Clutter detracts from every décor. Too many smaller pieces of furniture also tend to invite clutter. Display treasured accessories in a minimalist way. Place like collections together in group of three.

Finally select either blinds or fabric window treatments in colors and tones that complement the larger upholstered pieces and carpets in the room. Groupon Coupons has great deals from Decorating the windows will give the room the finish and polish it deserves. With a little planning and a lot of elbow grease, you’ve accomplished a huge feat. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new, ramped up living space.