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Real Estate Phone Solutions SIP Trunking & VoIP

At BroadConnect, we understand the importance of effective communications. We’ve developed top of the line tools and services to enable our customers to achieve that level of effectiveness in their jobs. One of the industries that has seen major benefits of BroadConnect service has been real estate. Real estate professionals around North America depend on reliable business phone systems and VoIP technologies like BroadConnect SIP Trunking to accomplish their tasks efficiently.

As a client services role, real estate agents and brokers need to be in constant communication with their clients to ensure a high level of service throughout the entirety of the transaction, whether they’re on the selling side, representing the buyers, or acting in a support capacity. BroadConnect gives them the tools they need to close sales in a timely manner, and accommodate their client’s requests to the best of their ability.

VoIP Flexibility

As anyone in the real estate industry can attest, you’re constantly on the road to meet the needs of your clients. There’s no shortage of occasions in which you need to be on site monitoring the progress of your active projects and listings, and that means you need to have a flexible phone system that can keep up with your busy schedule whether you’re in the office or at a property. With SIP trunking, you can forward calls from your office to your mobile device, giving you seamless coverage in the field and the same level of professionalism across the board.

Professional Phone System

Maintaining your professional relationships is key to a social business like real estate. There’s nothing more valuable than keeping those strong relationships, and you want to ensure that that’s getting taken care of in the best way possible. Our services give real estate professionals access to the following to better support their clients and colleagues:


Range of Supported Devices

In real estate, successfully executing a deal involves bringing together a large number of invested parties. While we’d all love for a transaction to go as smoothly as a handshake between the buyer and the seller, it’s not that simple of a process. Professionals in the industry need a communications system that can support brokers, buyers, sellers, agents, and attorneys regardless of what their device of choice might be. As such, we’ve designed UC-One unified voice services to support desktop platforms running Windows or Mac, and mobile devices running either Android or iOS operating systems. We make your job easier by giving you a broad-reaching solution that fits your needs, whatever they may be.