Samsung Gear VR - Enjoy the Immersive Experience Anywhere, Anytime

Samsung Gear VR – Enjoy the Immersive Experience Anywhere, Anytime

At last the most expected and the most inspired Samsung Samsung’s Note 4-powered VR headset is one its way to the market. This Samsung Gear VR is created with an Oculus partnership and it is built and designed with unique look and features. To know more about the specification and the functionality of the product, check out the following lines for your reference.


Samsung Gear VR is the most impressive virtual-reality headset that is finally available to order. The product let you easily to enjoy the Virtual reality of the object that make each and every one to feel the world beyond your peripheral vision.

With the mega sized screen, the Gear VR make you enjoy your lovable and the most favorite movies and games at its best. Though the product uses the logo of the “Powered by Oculus” on its side and the attractive Galaxy Note 4 in its primary display, that still each and every user as most of Google Cardboard VR headset.

The most expected Samsung Gear VR is available to users in two version known as standalone and the bundled, each in different price ranges. The standalone version is available at the price starting at 199 $ or bundled along with Samsung Bluetooth game controller starting at the price of $ 249.


The Samsung Gear VR is featured and dotted with Optical Lens that offers 96 Field of View along with the best Sensor such as accelerator, gyrometer, geomagnetic and proximity that definitely attracts users. The Gear VR is hosted with the attractive focal adjustment, which covers even Nearsighted and Farsighted Eyes, which act as the star attraction of this product. It is built with the dimension of 198 x 116 x 90 mm, so it would be comfortable to hold and to fit.



Overall, the Samsung Gear VR is the early first shot in virtual-reality gear you can actually buy. Try it out and enjoy the experience anywhere anytime.