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Samsung LTPO Full-HD+ OLED Display With 120Hz Variable Refresh Rate Suggests OnePlus 9T Specifications Leak

A source has revealed the OnePlus 9T specs ahead of the company’s formal announcement. The Android phone is believed to include a 120Hz variable refresh rate Samsung LTPO OLED display. Based on OnePlus’s smartphone release history, the phone is expected to be the company’s next flagship product. Following the OnePlus 8 series last year, the firm released the OnePlus 8T, and the OnePlus 9T is likely to follow suit. The OnePlus 9 Pro also features a 120Hz refresh rate AMOLED LTPO display.

OnePlus usually releases a T-variant of its flagship phones six months after the flagship series is released. Last April, the OnePlus 8 series was released, followed by the OnePlus 8T 38,999 in October. This trend is likely to continue with the OnePlus 9 series, with a OnePlus 9T due later this year.

The OnePlus 9T will include a Samsung E4 LTPO OLED display with a 120Hz variable refresh rate and full-HD+ resolution, according to a recognised tipster using the moniker Arsenal (translated) on Weibo. The OnePlus 9 Pro likewise includes a 120Hz variable refresh rate LTPO AMOLED display, however it has a larger display resolution of 1,440×3,216 pixels.

An LTPO display allows the phone to reduce the refresh rate from 120Hz to as low as 1Hz depending on the use case, extending the phone’s battery life. In our testing, the OnePlus 9 Pro routinely delivered a full day’s worth of battery life and lasted just under 16 hours in our HD video loop test. It’s impossible to say how much of this was attributable to the LTPO display. It should be noted, however, that the OnePlus 9 Pro sports a better resolution display than the OnePlus 9T’s rumoured full-HD+ display.

It’s also predicted that, like last year, the firm would not release a OnePlus 9T Pro this year, as it did with the previous generation OnePlus 7T series. OnePlus has not released any details on the OnePlus 9T as of yet.

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