Samsung Releases Look At Me Autism App

Samsung Releases Look At Me Autism App

Samsung has made a partnership with Autism Speaks Canada and has developed a new innovative and the most attractive app known as “Look at Me”, an android app for the kids suffering with autism. The reason why Samsung has released this app is that Many people with autism struggle to make eye contacts or to read facial expressions with other people. By keeping it as a challenge, Samsung has released this app to help the autism children in order to make eye contact, read facial expressions and also to express their emotions as well and other that many autism people have difficult in doing. Samsung is about to donate nearly 200 Galaxy Tab S devices, which is pre-loaded with the Look At Me app, to the families with autism kids and children.IMG_2136

The Look At Me app was developed by the doctors and the professors from Seoul National University Bundag Hospital and Yonsei University Department of Psychology and is available on Google Play. The app is featured with the facial recognition tech, set of games and also it boasts photos to help autism children to read emotions and to communicate with other people as well. If you want to see how this app works, Samsung has released a video explaining that as you can get the complete information over the video.

The team working for the Look At Me app have conducted a clinical trial with 20 children for continuously eight weeks, which results that 60 percent of kids tested showed improvement in making an eye contact.

Try it out, good luck!