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Screen recorder for Windows


What would you do to capture a screenshot on computer, the traditional way to click on a key on keyboard run for searching an application which can hold it, no need to do those herculean tasks for capturing screens from now on, you can use Movavi’s Screen Capture studio to capture screenshot, screen capture video and lot more editing easily on your Windows machine.

Movavi Screen Capture for Windows

The features of this software are awesome as it offers all solutions which recording video activity involves. Following are some features which I love

3 steps to Complete recording

  1. Capturethe video your require
  2. Edit the video if any editing is required or if you want to add any additional enhancements to the video.
  3. ThenShare your video to popular platforms like Youtube, Vimeo etc. where the whole world can find them or simply save them to your drive.

Automate the capturing

Using the above steps you can automate the process of capturing by setting a time for which the recording has to occur and then just sit back & relax until it completes.

Export to almost any format

movavi Screen capture allows to export the video which you have created almost any format including all the popular formats – MPEG, MP4 etc.

Adjustable screen capture 

The software allows you to easily adjust on what you want to capture on the screen and then help you create videos which can enhance the video quality by focusing on the important part of the screen and not always the whole screen.

Best Screen recorder for Windows

This piece of software is one of the best screen recorder for Windows available in the market which provides all the features which anyone can expect from a screen recording software. Indeed, you get much more from this & for the money you pay them. The software is available at a very reasonable price.

The below link can lead you to the place where you can find all the other information about system requirements, pricing, all other product packages which you can buy all at once. Use the software and share your story and experience with the software with us.