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Sennheiser IE100 PRO wireless and wired earbuds have arrived in India

Sennheiser has announced the release of the IE100 PRO BT and IE100 PRO wired headphones in India. The AptX Low Latency codec and a 10-hour battery life are included in the wireless version. A built-in microphone is also included with the Bluetooth connection.

Sennheiser IE100 PRO Wired, Wireless Price

The IE 100 Pro wired costs Rs 9,900, while the IE 100 Pro wireless costs Rs 11,900. They’ll be available exclusively on Amazon starting July 26. The IE 100 BT Connector is sold separately and costs Rs 7,900. The in-ears come in three colours: black, clear, and red.

Sennheiser IE100 PRO Wired, Wireless Specifications

The Sennheiser IE100 PRO in-ears are the successor to the IE 40 PRO and provide a “natural, warm, and totally exact monitoring sound” that allows you to fine-tune your performance with ease. A low-profile moulding and a strengthened ear-hook distinguish the IE 100 PRO. A USB-C cable is also supplied, which recharges the Bluetooth connection in 1.5 hours.

The transducer and frequency response of the IE100 PRO are identical to those of its predecessor. It now has the same connection type as the IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO, as well as a stage-proof interior cable duct.

A new IE PRO Mono Cable, a twisted cable that suppresses structure-borne noise, is available. This cable may be used with either the right or left earphone, allowing for single-sided broadcasting for live moderation, correspondents, and ENG applications. The left signal will be delivered when using a stereo signal.

In other corporate news, the IE900 in-ear headphones for audiophiles were just introduced in India today. The flagship model, the IE 900, is available for pre-order on the Sennheiser website for Rs 1,29,990.

Sennheiser has enhanced the one-driver approach with the IE900, rather than using a multi-driver system that causes phase incoherence and distortion. The German audio company created its 7 mm True Response transducer based on this idea. It’s available in a variety of formats throughout Sennheiser’s professional and in-ear product lines.

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