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Snapchat replaces the camera icon on the homescreen with a scan shortcut in order to improve AR experiences

Snapchat’s next-generation Scan has been added to the homescreen, allowing users to instantly use an augmented reality (AR)-based tool to recognise pets, food, and plants, as well as utilise their camera to solve arithmetic equations. The Scan function was last updated in 2019 to allow customers to experience its AR advances. Snapchat parent company Snap has collaborated with firms such as Shazam and Photomath to add new scanning capabilities to the built-in function. Snap announced the addition of the Scan button to the homescreen during the Snap Partner Summit in May of this year.

On Thursday, Snap announced that the Scan functionality on the homescreen will be available to all iOS users worldwide. It will also be available to all Android users in the coming weeks, according to a press release from the business.

To see the changes, you may need to download the most recent Snapchat app for your phone. When you download the update, you’ll see that the Snapchat Camera icon has been replaced with the Scan function, which allows you to instantly access AR-based filters and lenses to discover and comprehend your surroundings. It will be prominently displayed at the top of the social multimedia app, among the existing Snap Map, Chat, Stories, and Spotlight buttons.

By replacing the original Snapchat Camera icon with Scan, Snap will provide users recommendations such as Camera Shortcuts and additional purchasing features right from the Snapchat app’s home screen. Previously, users had to launch Lenses and then press the Scan button to have access to the same set of AR features.

When you navigate from the homescreen to components such as Snap Map, Chat, Stories, and Spotlight, the original Camera icon will remain show.

Snap announced agreements with Shazam and Photomath in 2019 to make Scan available to Snapchat users worldwide. Because of these partnerships, Snapchat users may now utilise the Scan function to seek for a music playing back through Shazam or solve math problems by scanning notes using Photomath.

In addition to scanning music and completing arithmetic equations, Snapchat’s Scan includes a dog scanner that allows users to identify over 400 different dog breeds. There is also a specialised plant scanner option, which is said to assist in the discovery and learning of about 90% of all known plants and trees. Furthermore, the function can find the brand, model, price, and reviews of almost 450 automobiles and scan up to a million food goods to provide nutrition evaluations based on the quality of their ingredients.

To make all of these findings, just aim your phone’s camera after activating Snapchat’s Scan function. It is a big improvement over the initial scanning capability, which was designed to allow you to scan QR codes (known as Snapcodes) of other app users.

“Snap will be constantly adding new categories of intelligence to Scan, and over the next several months, users will witness the Snap camera become progressively smarter by adding additional features and a number of new partner experiences,” the firm said in a statement.

Along with making the Scan function more useful for mobile users, Snap announced plans to deliver new and beneficial experiences to its next-generation AR eyewear, Spectacles.

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