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Storage management tool for Google Photos is now available

About six months ago, Google announced a modification to the Google Photos free unlimited high-quality storage policy. The change affects how fresh photographs you backup to Google Photos now consume storage, when before they didn’t under the ‘High Quality’ plan. The organisation is now prepared to make the transition on June 1, 2021. (Tuesday).

In a blog post, Google warns users that photographs or videos backed up in high quality before June 1, 2021 will not count against their Google Account storage. These photographs and videos will continue to be free and will not be counted towards the storage limit.

 Google is also launching a new storage management tool, as promised back then, so you can simply control your storage allowance. Based on your upload patterns, this tool will estimate how long your storage will survive. With your free 15GB of storage, Google predicts that more than 80% of individuals should be able to save around three additional years of memories in High quality.

The storage management tool also makes it simple to keep track of the photographs and movies you’ve backed up and which count towards your storage limit. To help you get the most out of your storage, the storage management tool displays photographs or videos that you might wish to discard, such as fuzzy photographs, screenshots, and huge films.

In addition, Google is rebranding its High-quality storage tier to Storage Saver, which you’ll see soon. Users will be able to pick which storage option they want, according to Google. Users must choose between the Storage saving tier, which decreases the quality of the photo to lower its size, allowing for more photographs to be uploaded, and the original quality tier, which uploads the photographs in the exact resolution and size that they were snapped in.

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