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Tandem’s new credit card targets people who have non-existent credit histories

Tandem launches a second credit card

Having moved forward from regulatory problems Tandem the fintech startup and challenger bank has launched new products including a new Tandem cashback credit card.
The brand new retail bank founded by Ricky Knox has launched its new Tandem cashback credit card which is aimed at people with non-existent credit histories. Since credit cards are one of the best ways to build up credit scores the new credit card is known as “Journey Card” will be offering a lot of new users the experience of creating a credit history from scratch.

A card which gives everyone a chance to build a credit score

The bank which obtained its banking license in January 2018 and immediately had launched the original Cashback Card says it is tapping into the new area because a lot of people realize the importance of having a good credit history and are willing to use and repay Tandem cashback credit card debt on time. Of course Tandem wishes to offer them other products in the future based on their credit score from mortgages to car loans.

The new Tandem cashback credit card known as Journey Card has the same low annual fees as the original Tandem Cashback Card but with some major differences too. To begin with, it offers no cash back and with a higher rate of interest because of the higher risk of default.

New card seamlessly works with Tandem app

However, on the plus side, the new Tandem cashback credit card integrates well with the Tandem mobile app which can act as a Personal Finance Manager. The mobile banking app has recently received several important updates including digital statements. The Journey Card is a way for those who do not have credit scores to build a solid credit profile. When paid on time and without exceeding the credit limit, customers can use Journey Card to improve their financial health.
One of the worst aspects of traveling abroad is the fear of having to pay a fee when you return home, but customers who use the Journey Card can make purchases abroad for free and receive updates through a mobile app in real time. After the success of the Cashback Card, it is obvious that the Tandem customers love to travel and the Journey Card offers the same unique features abroad