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Tech meets the eyes of the blind through its Smart Cane

Tech meets the eyes of the blind through its Smart Cane

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Life is a tough journey where we try to open our eyes to see what we face. And as for those who’ve lost vision, they have gone through this toughness, a long time ago in the dark. Human development towards technology and inventions has yet again made a revolutionary step in designing the smart cane. A simple tool that enables the blind to navigate and recognize the people they know if they are near them.

Steve Adigbo, Waheed Rafiq and Richard Howlett are the developers for this invention, the ‘XploR’ mobility cane. The idea generated in helping out one of their grandfather who is actually blind. The students planned out a simple design of incorporating facial recognition software, GPS functionality and also the smartphone features of today to be designed into a cane.

The smart cane works in a simple manner, the person using it has an earpiece worn and the cane is installed with a micro SD card holding the images of all known relatives and friends of them. So the smart cane detects faces from a distance of 10 meters, scans them through their picture database and if a match is found, directions are aided to the ear piece to the location of that person. Surprisingly once a match is found you even get small vibration alerts on your earpiece notifying you that you have some known person near you.

This is quite simply an awesome discovery in this tech era that lets the blind in navigating closer to their loved ones or family. Yet they promise to upgrade this a little more by adding in more security features that might help the blind not feel their blind.