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IoT is an abbreviation for the Internet of ThingsInternetof Things refers to the vastly growing network of physical devices like vehicles and home appliances that are connected to the internet with an IP address and the communication and data exchange occurring between such devices and other internet-friendly devices and systems.

internet of things

How does an IoT work?

The physical devices that are interconnected with each other using internet communicate and share data among themselves which they acquire from the surrounding environments with the use of sensors, processors and communication hardware. Internet of Things has greatly enabled the possibility of having internet friendly smart devices.

Advantages of IoT

Internet of Things provides a wide array of advantages as all the storage and exchange of data with other systems take place over the internet connectivity. A few of the benefits provided by IoT –

•    Communication mostly M2M

•    Automation and Control

•    Information

•    Surveillance

•    Time

•    Money

•    Increased efficiency and reduced lead time

How does IoT help humans?

To understand the importance of the Internet of Things in human lives let us illustrate the same with an example –

Let us say we visit a motor repair shop with our vehicle and the engineer comes and greets us to understand the problems we are having with the various parts of the vehicle. While listening to the interaction with the customer the engineer records all the major deficiencies in his Google glass device. The device alongside recording the problems also details the model no of the vehicle engine, the status of the last servicing, problems during last servicing and condition of the chassis. With such comparisons, the engineer understands the problem and provides an immediate solution for the same there by satisfying the customer. On completion, the engineer also sends the data for the immediate service and other vehicle details in the database management system of the car company and the service centre along with the customer.

Hence the ease of application of the Internet of Things to perform day to day activities can be greatly enhanced and modified thereby enabling easier interaction and problem-solving characteristics.