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The new IT standards, according to Google, do not apply to the search engine

The new IT guidelines that went into effect on May 25 in India have caused a lot of havoc for social media firms. The most recent development is Google’s contention that the new restrictions do not apply to its search engine.

The search engine asked the Delhi High Court to overturn a single judge’s judgement that imposed the limits on the corporation when dealing with a situation involving the removal of offensive information from the Internet. A woman’s images were being posted to a porn site by some offender, which was the source of the problem.

 The Centre, the Delhi government, the Internet Service Providers Association of India, Facebook, the pornographic site, and the woman whose images were shared received notice from Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh. They were given until July 25 to respond to Google’s request.

At this time, the court has said that it will not issue any interim orders. During his April 20 ruling, the solitary judge “mischaracterized” Google’s search engine as a “social media intermediary” or “major social media intermediary,” as defined by the new guidelines.

“The sole court applied the New Rules 2021 incorrectly to the appellant’s search engine.” Furthermore, the single judge has confused numerous parts of the IT Act and independent regulations established thereunder, and has given template instructions incorporating all such violations and requirements, which is unacceptable in law,” it claimed in its appeal against the April 20 decision.

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