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The OnePlus Watch has been unveiled in all of its glory.

A teaser for the OnePlus Watch has been released, confirming the watch’s round dial.

OnePlus has always been a business that teases its goods ahead of time, and that’s exactly what it’s done this time with a brand new product on the way, the OnePlus Watch.

In a picture posted by well-known tech YouTube channel ‘Unbox Therapy,’ the OnePlus Watch has been unveiled in all its glory. The image was later retweeted by OnePlus, so it can’t be considered a leak.

The picture confirms the leaks by showing the watch with a circular dial and a black watch face, which obscures the bezels of the display. The watch has a basic but modern design, with two buttons on the right side of the dial for turning it on, moving to the Home screen, and other functions.

The image only shows that the OnePlus Watch will be IP68 water and dust resistant, have a SpO2 sensor, exercise detection, sleep tracking, and 4GB of integrated storage, according to leaked specifications. The watch is supposed to come in two colours: black and silver.

The smartwatch will be powered by RTOS and will use Warp Charge technology to provide a day’s worth of battery life in just 20 minutes. The size of the battery is currently undisclosed. The OnePlus Watch will have a slew of features, including health and fitness-related ones.

Pre-orders for the Watch are now available in China through online retailer Customers must pay a deposit of CNY 50 (roughly Rs 600) to reserve the smartwatch, according to the listing. Customers who pre-order the OnePlus Watch will receive a discount of CNY 100 (roughly Rs 1,100) on their final purchase. The smartwatch’s exact price has yet to be revealed.

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