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Things to Know About Twitter’s Blue Subscription

Twitter has officially announced the launch of its Twitter blue subscription, which will first be available in Australia and Canada. Along with other features, the membership includes the long-awaited Undo Tweet button. Here’s all you need to know about Twitter Blue.

What is Twitter Blue, and what does it mean?

Twitter Blue is a new optional membership offered by the microblogging site that allows users to further personalise their Twitter experience. For a modest charge, it provides exclusive access to premium features and software modifications.

Undo Tweet using Twitter Blue Subscription

Undo Tweet is a new function introduced by Twitter Blue. It does, however, serve as a substitute for the Edit button, according to Twitter.

Undo Tweet lets you take back and amend Tweets that haven’t yet been published on Twitter. When the Undo time expires, the Tweet becomes publicly visible, and you can choose to keep it or remove it as you usually would on Twitter. Tweets that have already been made public are not editable.

You must enable the function from the options menu in order for it to operate. Before they are visible to everyone, you’ll be able to activate Undo Tweet for several types of tweets, including Original Tweets, Quote Tweets, threads, and responses. Before the Tweet, reply, or thread you’ve posted publishes to your timeline, you may set a configurable timer of up to 30 seconds to click ‘Undo.’

Currently, the undo tweet button is only available on Twitter’s iOS app. While the features may show on the Android app, Twitter claims they aren’t fully optimised and will be fully stable in future updates.

Bookmark Folders: Twitter Blue Subscription

Twitter users have been requesting Bookmark Folders for a long time, and the functionality is now available as part of the Twitter Blue membership.

You may use bookmark folders to organise your Tweets and manage your favourite material so that you can find it quickly and simply when you need it. It essentially allows you to organise your bookmarks in order to categorise them according to your preferences and needs.

Reader Mode for Twitter Blue Subscription

Reader Mode is the third feature added to the Twitter Blue membership. According to Twitter, this mode delivers a more attractive reading experience by removing the noise.

Reader mode converts existing threads into easy-to-read language, ensuring that you don’t lose track of the original tweet.

Features, cost, and availability of the Twitter Blue Subscription

Twitter Blue also includes customisable app icons for your device’s home screen and Twitter app colour themes, as well as access to specialised subscription customer service.

The Twitter Blue subscription costs CAD 3.49 (about Rs 210 per month) or AUD 4.49 per month (approx. Rs 255). According to Twitter, the Android rollout, as well as more areas and premium features, will be available shortly.

Twitter Blue may be subscribed to via the profile menu in the Twitter for iOS app.

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