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Artificial Intelligence is an attempt to make machines smarter. It allows the smarter machines to think and work like humans. Most artificial intelligence machines are made to include speech recognition and learning capabilities to be able to have an autonomous reasoning ability like humans. However, over the decade several misconceptions have cropped up in the heads of the people regarding Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

•    AI does not need humans – Artificial Intelligence-based systems remain independent of humans. However, most of the actions and knowledge come from the data gathered from imitating humans performing particular activities. AI systems are extremely narrow-minded and mainly concentrate on rules and repetitions gathered from the data obtained from humans

•    AI is Dangerous – You cannot believe the Hollywood movie “I Robot” to be absolutely true. Smart machines are not essentially more dangerous than any other machines that are present in the present day life. Most AI systems mostly follow instructions thereby performing very simple activities

•    AI has reached its summit – Artificial Intelligence is nowhere near completion. There is still a long way to go and lot more human interactions to be learned.

•    AI will increase unemployment – Artificial Intelligence doesn’t take away jobs rather follow simple instructions provided to them by humans and still cannot perform complex human interactions. It rather paves way for creating more designs and develops new products and services

•    Differences between AI & Humans – One will always be able to spot the differences between AI and Humans.

•    Being good at only one thing at a time – Artificial Intelligence-based machines are mostly able to perform one particular task that is inbuilt within their systems. Intelligent machines should be comparable to humans in performing a series of tasks which are also complex in nature

•    AI needs a robot body – AI does not require a humanoid robotic form. Artificial Intelligence based smart machines are designed to correlate with the complex tasks performed by the human brain. Hence it is very childish to constraint its capabilities in some sort of a humanoid form.

•    Modern Computers needs more power for AI –Today the Supercomputer is able to perform around 11 trillion operations at one time. Despite such speed, it is unable to compete with the complex tasks performed by the human brain

•    AI will enslave humans – Probably the most immature misconception in the list and a highly impossible though process. Maybe in a rhetorical world, AI will enslave humans or even in various movies

•    Making Smart machines faster will make them intelligent – A very wrong conception which most the techno-centric engineers developing Artificial Intelligence-based machines believe. To be smart the machine needs to correlate with the human brain instead of performing operations at super speed.

Artificial Intelligence is truly a revolutionary idea and developing machines based on such revolutionized ideas will help pave the way for a reduction in human fatigue and error but despite such advantages performing in correlation with the human brain still seems to be pretty farfetched.