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Trojan Virus affects the Performance of Your Computer Networks

The Trojan Virus is popularly known as Trojans, which are malicious programs that perform actions not authorized by users. In other words, this malware virus is designed to cause unauthorized access to the user’s computer. The action caused by effective Trojans include deleting data on your system, blocking the data, copying and modifying the information protected in your system and also disrupting the performance of your computer networks.


Trojans horses are not able to replicate themselves as viruses as they allow the computer to perform unauthorized actions, which are controlled by the Trojan Creators. Based on the type of actions that the Trojans perform, they have been classified into several types, which are explained in detail as follows.


A Backdoor Trojan is the most frequently occurring malicious program that lets the unauthorized author to do anything as they wish on the infected computer. The actions it will allow include sending and receiving data, launching some unwanted files, deleting some of the files stored in your computer or most often, reboot the computer.


Trojan- DDos is a kind of malicious program that conducts the DoS, which stands for Denial of Service that attacks the web address. This Trojan performs its unauthorized access in terms of sending multiple requests from your computer that affect the targeted address.


Trojan – Ransom

The Trojan “Ransom” is the type of Trojan that can modify data on your computer, which makes your computer perform poorly and results in specific data loss as well. Fortunately, you can restore your data with companies like this, who know how to rectify the issue and also restore your computer’s performance.

Similarly, there are some of the other types of Trojan Virus such as Trojan-SMS, Trojan-Spy, Trojan-Mailfinder , Trojan-Notifier, Trojan-Proxy, Trojan-GameThief and much more.

 How can you protect your computer against Trojans?

You can protect yourself against the Trojan’s viruses by installing some of the most effective anti-malware software. With anti–malware software, you are able to defend your devices such as laptops, computers, Macs, tabs and other smartphones against the malicious actions of the Trojan Virus. One such best anti-malware solution is Kaspersky Anti – Virus 2014, which is a world popular virus protection software that will help you find out and prevent the Trojan attacks on your computer.