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Truecaller has teamed up with MapmyIndia and FactChecker to provide easy access to COVID-19 healthcare information

To strengthen the Covid Healthcare Directory function, Truecaller has teamed with MapmyIndia and FactChecker. This feature was made available to all Android users in April 2021, and it will continue to enable quick access to a vast collection of updated information with the new associations.

Over 60,000 Covid-related sites of interest are available on MapmyIndia, including all immunisation locations around the country, Covid-designated hospitals, and test facilities, among others. By pressing on the MapmyIndia banner inside Truecaller, users may quickly get information and a map of their location.

 FactChecker, on the other hand, is India’s first dedicated fact-checking project, with a crew regularly verifying Covid Relief’s contact numbers. The platform assists individuals in reaching out to the appropriate connections in their time of need, allowing patients to receive immediate assistance.

“In MapmyIndia’s endeavour to battle Covid 19, we are lucky to work with Truecaller,” stated Rohan Verma, CEO and Executive Director of MapmyIndia. Truecaller’s 200 million Indian users will be able to find or travel to covid designated hospitals, test centres, care centres, vaccination facilities, and more via the integrated MapmyIndia widget. This alliance can help save lives by providing information at a glance,” 

 “During these exceptional circumstances, Truecaller is dedicated to doing all possible to give assist to communities and people on the frontlines to face these hard times,” said Rishit Jhunjhunwala, MD India, Truecaller. We believe that by partnering with MapmyIndia and FactChecker, we will be able to help individuals identify the proper locations and verified connections for hospitals, beds, and other fundamental medical services. We are hopeful that the new function will be able to aid with medical needs and contribute to our aim of battling the virus together.”

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