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Twitter Spaces is testing a new discovery feature that will show you who your friends are listening to

Twitter Spaces is currently testing a feature that will make it simpler for users to find audio-only conversation groups. Previously, users could only access the Spaces of the people they followed if they were hosting. Users may now see the Spaces that the people they follow are listening to. Users may also conceal the Spaces they’re listening to from their followers. Twitter stated that it is “experimenting” with the new Spaces capabilities with a select users on iOS and Android, so don’t expect it to be available to everyone straight soon.

Twitter Spaces stated in a tweet that it is testing a new feature that would let you to see what the individuals you follow are listening to at the top of your timeline. Users will also be able to conceal the Spaces they’re listening to from their followers, according to the tweet. Users may enable this function by going to the Settings and privacy menu and then selecting the Privacy and safety option. Once there, users will have an option Let followers know which Spaces you’re listening to in the Spaces menu. Users should keep in mind that they will still be visible to other users in the Spaces they are listening to.

Twitter stated earlier last month that it is upgrading its API v2 to make it easier for developers to search for Spaces. Developers will now be able to “search up live or planned Spaces using criteria such as Spaces ID, user ID, or keyword.” In other words, developers will be able to send users to a Space straight from other, third-party apps.

Twitter also announced that the option to add more co-hosts to Twitter Spaces is being expanded. Hosts can now select up to two co-hosts for a Space. A Space can now contain one host, two co-hosts, and up to ten speakers in total. Co-hosts will have the ability to invite speakers, handle requests, dismiss participants, and pin Tweets, and more.


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